About Dr. Saba Zain

Dr. Saba Zain brings with her 12 years of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology. She holds a Doctorate (PhD) in the same. Her passion lies in enabling individuals to explore their inner resources which will empower them to optimize their personal and professional aspirations. In the educational sector she has not only taught but has also developed much needed guidance counseling programs to cater to individual and group needs of students. She is also associated with the Air War college where she supervises theses. In the corporate sector she designs and conducts tailor-made courses /trainings to suit the needs of various organizations. As a Clinical Psychologist she has over 11000+ hours of Clinical practice and has seen over 1500 clients in therapy.

Mental health illness has become a keyword in our conversations. While you might have discussed the issue in great detail on many forums; with friends, family, and the online fraternity, it is important to delve into the root of the issue and find out WHAT IS MENTAL HEALTH exactly? Can you or a loved oneContinue reading